Spider Vein Treatment


As an experienced cosmetic dermatologist in Coral Gables, FL, Dr. Alonso understands the embarrassment that can be caused by spider veins. The clusters of blue, purple and sometimes red spider veins cause many people to avoid social situations or hide behind pants. At her state-of-the-art practice, Dr. Alonso is pleased to offering leading-edge treatments, including spider vein treatment. This advanced treatment can alleviate the emotional symptoms of spider veins and improve a patient’s overall quality of life. Read more about spider vein treatment below and contact Dr. Alonso’s Coral Gables practice to schedule a consultation.


Spiders veins essentially result from a backup of blood in the veins. This can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  •  Heredity
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Prolonged standing or sitting
  •  Certain medications including birth control pills
  •  Weight gain
  •  Hormone changes
  •  Chronic constipation
  •  Excessive sun exposure

Spider veins can occur at any time, although they are typically seen in middle-aged or older adults. About half of adults in the United States experience a vein disorder in their lifetime. While some steps can be taken to reduce the risk of developing spider veins, treatment is available at their onset.


Dr. Alonso offers several spider vein treatments to Coral Gables / South Miami patients. One of the most frequently performed treatments for spider veins is sclerotherapy. Using very small needles, Dr. Alonso injects a glycerin solution into the no longer functional vessels. This solution causes the veins to collapse and become less noticeable. Dr. Alonso typically injects the solution into each of the affected veins, a process which can take anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes.

Dr. Alonso also offers Cutera Excel laser therapy for the treatment of spider veins. During this procedure, light energy is delivered to the vein causing the blood to clot. This eventually destroys the spider vein, and blood is redirected to healthier veins, deeper below the skin’s surface. Most patients who undergo Cutera Excel laser therapy require one to two treatments, based on the number and size of the veins being treated. Results from this spider vein treatment are evident within three to six weeks.

The type of spider vein treatment that is administered is based on a number of factors, including the severity of the condition, Dr. Alonso’s recommendations and patient preferences. Results from sclerotherapy are immediate and improve over time. As with many cosmetic procedures, spider vein treatment can require “maintenance” visits, but this depends on each individual’s veins. In some cases, patients may need several treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. During a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Alonso explains the benefits of each procedure and addresses any patient questions or concerns.


Over the years, Dr. Alonso has helped many patients overcome the embarrassment caused by spider veins. She is proud to offer a wide range of treatment options to help restore her patients’ health and quality of life. If you are suffering from spider veins and would like to learn more about your treatment options, contact Dr. Alonso’s South Miami dermatology practice today at (786) 507-8917 .

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