Wrinkles are, unfortunately, an unavoidable fact of life. Even individuals who follow the most stringent skin care routines are susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume, specifically on the delicate features of the face. But although wrinkles are sure to develop, there are advanced treatments available to help make sure they don’t stick around. As a top cosmetic dermatologist in Coral Gables/South Miami, Dr. Alonso is pleased to offer a range of facial fillers and injectables, including Restylane®, to target signs of aging. Learn more about this age-defying treatment below and contact Dr. Alonso’s practice to schedule a consultation today.


The Restylane family of products are FDA-approved dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. These dermal fillers work to restore the appearance of the skin by adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Restylane has been on the market for nearly a decade and has quickly become known as one of the most effective facial filler treatments.


Restylane Silk has recently been approved for release in the United States! It’s the first and only FDA-approved product specifically designed for subtle lip enhancement and the smoothing of wrinkles and lines around the mouth in patients over 21 years of age. Silk is designed specifically to provide natural-looking results in these areas. That’s why it’s made of smaller, smoother particles than those used in other Restylane products.


Restylane Lyft is the first and only FDA-approved filler indicated to provide lift to cheeks and add volume to correct and smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds). Over time, the natural fat that surrounds the cheeks begins to deteriorate, resulting in sagging skin, more prominent wrinkles and a reduction of volume. Through nonsurgical injections, Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to add fullness to the cheeks and midface area, which can result in a more natural-looking, youthful appearance.


Restylane is appropriate for patients who wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Patients should disclose all allergies to Dr. Alonso during an initial consultation so as to avoid any allergic reactions or complications from injections. In addition, patients who have a tendency to suffer from cold sores should notify Dr. Alonso so she can prescribe medication to minimize the risk of sores developing after the procedure.


Restylane is administered at Dr. Alonso’s state-of-the-art practice in South Miami/Coral Gables, FL. The entire treatment process can be completed in less than one half hour. In some cases, Dr. Alonso may administer a local anesthetic to promote patient comfort throughout the entire appointment. Dr. Alonso then carefully injects Restylane beneath the surface of the skin in targeted areas. Results are visible immediately and continue to improve over the next few weeks as the body continues to produce collagen. Patients who receive treatment can expect the results to last six months up to one year, though follow-up treatment may be necessary.


Restylane is a minimally-invasive cosmetic dermatology treatment that requires little to no downtime. Some patients may experience minor swelling or discomfort in the treated area, however this subsides on its own. Patients are advised to avoid intense heat or sun exposure until any swelling has subsided, which is usually within 24 hours. Dr. Alonso provides thorough post-treatment instructions to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment period. She is available around the clock should any questions or concerns arise during recovery.


Restylane is an effective, long-lasting solution to signs of aging. This revolutionary treatment can help patients look years younger without ever having to endure painful, tedious or extensive surgical treatments. Dr. Alonso has years of experience in administering Restylane and can help patients get the attractive, natural-looking results they deserve. To learn more about this treatment or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Alonso at (305) 403-1181 . In addition to Restylane, Dr. Alonso can help you learn more about other injectable treatments such as Dysport, Juviderm, Botox, Kybella and Perlane. Dr. Alonso is also a leading provider of acne treatment in Coral Gables.

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