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For men and women who suffer from skin discoloration, feeling confident in their own skin can be difficult. Although makeup and other cosmetics can go a long way toward masking the appearance of brown spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation, they can never completely eliminate them. In addition, aging, sun exposure and exposure to other air pollutants can exacerbate the issue. Dr. Alonso is a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in Coral Gables, FL, who is proud to offer advanced skin care treatments that can significantly reduce, and even eliminate, the appearance of these spots and areas of discoloration. Learn more about pigmentation correction below and contact Dr. Alonso at (305) 403-1181 to schedule a consultation today.


Pigmentation correction is a non-surgical skin care treatment that can help men and women achieve a more even, attractive skin tone. Over time, aging, sun exposure and other pollutants can cause uneven skin tone, dark spots or lesions. Pigmentation correction treatments work to reverse these changes by applying heat to the affected area. This is a non-surgical treatment that can be administered in less than one hour. It can help patients greatly enhance their appearance and self-confidence.


Dr. Alonso is committed to providing the very latest and safest treatments to her Coral Gables patients. She is proud to offer treatment with the Cutera LimeLight system. The Cutera LimeLight can be used on any part of the face and neck to reduce redness, eliminate brown spots and reduce the appearance of facial veins. The Cutera LimeLight delivers a pulse of heated light to the affected area, gently reducing the appearance of discoloration. Dr. Alonso is able to adjust treatment based on a patient’s specific needs and skin type.


Dr. Alonso understands that no two patients have the exact same skin type. During a comprehensive consultation at her practice, she will evaluate your skin and examine any dark marks and lesions to determine if pigmentation correction is an appropriate procedure for you. Patients who suffer from other skin disorders such as severe rosacea or psoriasis may not be suitable candidates for the procedure. Dr. Alonso will also explain the risks and benefits of pigmentation correction to help patients better understand the kind of results that can be expected.


Brown spots can be corrected using the Cutera LimeLight is a minimally invasive procedure that can be completed in less than one hour at Dr. Alonso’s state-of-the art practice. For patients with particularly sensitive skin, Dr. Alonso will apply a cooling gel before administering treatment. In many cases, however, no skin preparation is required. Dr. Alonso then delivers a pulse of heated light to the area being treated. She is able to adjust the settings of the laser to customize treatment for each patient. In addition, the tool can be adjusted throughout treatment to account for changes in pigmentation. Results from treatment are evident in about one week, and continue to improve over the course of the month.


One of the many benefits of Cutera LimeLight treatment is that is requires little to no recovery time. Many patients describe the recovery as being similar to a photofacial treatment. While some minor redness may occur, most patients are able to return to their routine activities immediately following treatment. The results from pigmentation correction treatments improve in the weeks following the procedure. Typically, one to three treatment sessions are recommended to obtain optimal results. It is important to note that treatment cannot prevent the appearance of new sun spots, brown spots or pigmentation issues. Patients should always remember to wear sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure.


Pigmentation correction is a quick, safe and non-invasive treatment that can significantly enhance the appearance of the skin. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance due to brown spots, age spots or discoloration, learn more about the Cutera LimeLight treatment by contacting Dr. Alonso at (305) 403-1181 .

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