Skin Cancer



Even if you do not have anything unusual to be examined, it is vital to have a thorough skin cancer screening. Not only will this initial screening serve as a baseline for future reference, it also provides an opportunity for a professional to look for the many variations of skin cancer. At Dr. Alonso, we can explain the specific things to look for during a self-evaluation.

You may be at a higher risk for skin cancer if you have:

  •  Pale skin
  •  Family history of melanoma
  •  Are over 40 years old
  •  Regular sun exposure

The most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Melanoma is the rarest, but most serious form of skin cancer and is fatal if left untreated. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, we will perform a biopsy to gather more information. After that procedure, we can establish a treatment protocol based on our findings. With most cases, the affected area surrounding the cancer is removed through surgery. Our office is located in Coral Gables and easily accessible for all South Miami communities.

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